• GBS-CYA1335-05 GBS-CYA1335-05
  • GBS-CYA1351-05 GBS-CYA1351-05
  • GBS-CYA1355-05 GBS-CYA1355-05
  • GBS-CYG8686-07 GBS-CYG8686-07
  • GBS-CYT1533-10 GBS-CYT1533-10
  • GBS-CYS1315-05 GBS-CYS1315-05
  • GBS-CYG3139-03 GBS-CYG3139-03
  • GBS-CYG3140-18 GBS-CYG3140-18
  • GBS-CYG3141-1 GBS-CYG3141-1

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    广东省光柏照明科技有限公司  is a national high-tech enterprise, LED module lamp industry alliance standard setting unit, is a collection of research and development, production, sales as one, 12 years of professional LED commercial lighting production Manufacturers, the company has always attached great importance to product design and quality stability, has won the recognition of the majority of users with innovation and service, and has long-term cooperation with dozens of listed companies, is also more than 500 space design, decoration company designated brand .

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